Living and working in Bocholt means  benefiting from ideal residential options in an environment friendly to families.

Living in Bocholt? You have lots of choices. Are you looking for a snug single family home surrounded by greenery or maybe a shared flat, or would you rather have a semi­detached house in one of the many attractive residential areas? Anything is possible in Bocholt — and the prices are affordable.

Whichever option you choose — you will be close to the city and yet be close to nature. The city is opening up new developm ents for those interested in building their own homes. If you would rather rent, there are many places available from private landlords as well as through housing cooperatives.

Enjoy the convenience of everything being close by. You can quickly drop off your children at daycare and go on to work. Feel free to go by bike, definitely the most favoured vehicle in Bocholt.

Family friendliness is a top priority in  Bocholt. There is a wide range of childcare available to meet the needs of  children of every age. So it is easy to juggle family and career. Many of the companies in the city are keeping pace with the trend with their own daycare facilities and flexible working hours!

Fast internet at home

Broadband is being expanded quickly in Bocholt. There is no need to forego fast internet of up to 100 MB per second in your own home.