A little bit of lower Rhine, a little bit of Münster land, a little bit of Netherlands — and lots of Bocholt!

Pure paradise for cyclers — honoured repeatedly by the German Cycling Association as most cycling­friendly medium­sized city. Why? Because the infrastructure is so conducive to biking and the Münsterland region has so much to explore. Take a ride across the border to the Netherlands — close enough for a quick trip after work.
There is a bike path, almost 60 km long, along the little Bocholter Aa river, going from Velen, through downtown Bocholt and past the Aasee. It ends at the mouth of the Dutch Oude Ijssel. The Bocholt district of Suderwick is also worth an excursion. It is firmly linked to the Dutch town of Dinxperlo — they even share a street along the green border. Absolutely unique!
And by the way, a bicycle is not just a leisure vehicle in Bocholt. It is the perfect way to get around town every day. It serves the citizens well, for trips
into the city as well as for cycling to work, daycare, school or the gym. And a bike is always the best way to go to a party.