Welcome to Bocholt — the city for everyone who treasures a place conducive to family life with lots of recreational and leisure activities.

With its 74,000 inhabitants, Bocholt is the largest city in the western Münsterland region. The proximity to the Netherlands and to the lower Rhine is reflected in the mentality of the population: open­minded, sociable and self­confident. It’s the others who are narrow­minded! The strong sense of community and the many clubs and associations in which the Bocholters are active demonstrate this. Newcomers have lots of opportunities to meet people and make new friends.

The fact that it is easy to reach from any direction benefits the population in many ways, not just for leisure activities. It is easy for the medium­sized companies located in the city to maintain their international relations. These companies are essential elements of the economic structure of the city and county. Large corporations from the electrical,  machinery and textile industries are headquartered here. The Westfälische Hochschule (technical college) attracts many students interested in studying international management as well as those seeking a place to study bionics, which is offered in only one other place in Germany.

The downtown area reflects Bocholt’s 800 year history — for example with the historical town hall and St. Georg church, built in the early 17th century on the central market square. Bocholt is the right place for anyone who values the infrastructure of a big city but does not want to forego the cosy flair of a compact smaller city offering a wealth of leisure activities and a place that families are eager to call home.